My Maternal 27th. Great Grandfather, Cuduilig Maclean, Abbot of Lismore

MacLean Family Genealogy

Scotland_SceneryCuidulig Maclean, Abbot of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland

Birth: 1080 in Ireland

Death: ? Scotland


Cuduilig – the Progenitor of the Macleans

In the History of the Men of Alba, amongst the Clans supposed to be descended from the Kings of Dal Riada in Scotland, are listed the Macleans whose pedigree includes:

“Gilleeoin mic Mecraith mic Maoilsruthain mic Neill mic Cuduilig, Abbot of Lismore, (Conduilig i. Ab Leasamoir ) mic Raingee” who was able to appanage his heirs in Morvern, then part of the Abbey Lands.

Raingee was supposedly descended from Lorn, the brother of Fergus MacErc. Cuduilig was probably brought in by Somerled in 1150 on the basis that he was a suitable man of the Fine Grin, or Tribe of the Land.

The Macleans were originally supporters of the McDougalls, Lords of Lorn but later transferred their allegiance to the MacDonalds, Lords of the Isles, and became one of…

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