My Maternal 13Th. Great Grandfather, Hector Mor MacLean, 12Th. Chief of Clan MacLean, Scotland

MacLean Family Genealogy

duart_castle_mull_scotlandBorn: 1497 in Duart Castle, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hector Mor MacLean, 12th Chief (1497-1568)

Biography: Lachlan Cattanach Maclean, 11th Chief was succeeded as chieftain and Lord of Duart by his son Eachann, better known as Hector Mor Maclean, or Hector the Great, in 1527. He is described by the seanachaidhs as being good, kind, affectionate, and brave, an accomplished politician and an approved warrior; and that in him the clan realized all it desired in a noble chieftain. To most of his vassals he granted extended leases, by way of encouragement in the improvement of lands and the building of more comfortable dwellings. He lived altogether, while permitted to do so by his troublesome neighbors with which he was surrounded, more like a noble of modern times than a feudal baron. He made many improvements on the demesne of Duard; and was the founder of that nobleā€¦

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