Mrs. Mary Ann Aherne, England

Aherne Family Genealogy

Portsea Island, Portsmouth, England MapPortsmouth, Portsea Island, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

Mrs. Mary Ann Aherne (maiden name unknown)

Born: 1811 in England, United Kingdom

Married: about 1833 in England, United Kingdom to Michael Aherne, Sr.


Alexander Aherne 1847–Deceased • M7J5-NX7

Elizabeth Aherne 1849–1887 • KZG9-81K

Maria Aherne1851–Deceased • M7J5-NXN
Arthur Aherne1853–Deceased • M7J5-NXP

Died: 1895 in Portsea Island, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

Portsea Islandis a small , flat, low-lying island (measuring 24 km², or 10² miles) just off the southern coast of England. The island is located within the traditional and ceremonial county of Hampshire and contains the vast majority of the city of Portsmouth.

Portsea Island is the third largest island by population of all islands in the British Isles after the mainlands of Great Britain and Ireland, it also has the highest population density.

Portsea Island from the west (north to the left), from…

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