My Mother, Jean Marie Linderman Frederick Mancill, Matriarch of Linderman Family

Linderman Family Genealogy

Family 001LINDERMAN FAMILY REUNION, Bend, San Saba, Texas, about 1995. Cousins, Bill and Becky Burgess’s ranch. Good times. Mother and Lou were still around. Mother and Daddy (Leroy Frederick) had six wonderful children. 

(back row) Brenda and Michelle Frederick, Joseph Frederick, Kristopher Hyden, Sally Tudor, Fran and Karl Frederick,Phyllis and Danny Hyden

(second row) Phil and Tricia Harrod, Keli Vanderford, Sarah Moore, Daniel Hyden (third row) Joseph Frederick, Jean and Louis Mancill

(front row seated) Mathew Frederick, Alton Moore, Justin Vanderford, Jason Fallin, Johnathan Frederick, and Drew Vanderford

I always think of Mother on Mother’s Day. She left a long, legacy of love, she did not always have it so good. She raised six honest, law abiding, American Patriots. Mother taught us to have manners and be kind to all. She gave me the love for reading. Mother was born 7 December 1927 in Dubuque, Iowa. Mother had many talents. She…

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