My Maternal 4th. Great Grandfather, Eli Hammell, Tioga, New York

Hammel Family Genealogy

Hammell Family Crest

Tioga County, New York

Eli Hammell

Birth:  1795 Tioga County, New York, USA

Mar. 24, 1837 New York, New York, USA

Son of William & Catherine (Peevey) Hammell of Pennsylvania.
Husband of Mrs. Ellen Hammell (maiden name unknown) born in Ireland.


This unusual name has two possible origins, the first of which is Scottish but is ultimately of Norman origin, and is a locational surname from the place called “Haineville” or “Henneville” in Manche. The placename derives from the Germanic personal name “Hagano”, which means “hawthorn” and was originally a nickname, found in Medieval England as “Hain” and “Heyne”, with the Old French word “ville”, meaning settlement, village.

The surname as Ham(m)ill and Hom(m)ill was most commonly found in the area known as “Roughwood” in Ayshire. The second origin is from an Anglo-Saxon nickname for a scarred or marred person, from the Old English pre 7th “hamel” meaning “scarred, mutilated”.

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