Edward Green Mancill, Sr.

Mancill Family Genealogy

charleston south carolina looking across cooper's river painted by g cooke engraved by wj bennett c 1838Charleston, South Carolina looking across Cooper’s River painted by g cooke engraved by wj bennett c 1838

Birth:  1760
South Carolina, USA
Death:  1840
Alabama, USA

1760-1840 (dates are estimates) Veteran of the Revolutionary War serving under General Nathaniel Green (Sumter District of South Carolina). Records indicate Edward acquired a large tract of land in the Sanford community of Covington County. It was once said, “He owned land as far as the eye could see in all directions.” It was located on a hill above the fine creek and became known as the Mancill Place.Also coming to Alabama in 1817 with Edward, was his older brother, William Elroy Mancill. William chose to settle near the Town of Evergreen. In the 1820 Conecuh County Census, William was listed as a next-door neighbor to Jonathan Harrelson, another early settler to the area. Since Jonathan, as many settlers in the area, had…

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