My Paternal 2nd. Great Grandfather, Jiriho/Jiri “Georg” Mazac, Moravia

MAZAC Family Genealogy

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My paternal second great grandfather, Jiriho or Jiri “George” Mazac.

Nationality: Moravian.

Born: 1823 Usti, Vsetin, Moravia.

Christened: 1879 Usti, Vsetin, Moravia.

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Died: 1923 in Usti, Vsetin, Moravia.

Married to Annie Marie Skybarove in 1862 in Moravia.

He was a farmer, she was a homemaker. They both worked very hard growing their own food, raising chickens for their eggs and their meat, he hunted deer and cured and stored for the winter. They made deer meat jerky and deer meat sausage, and made jelly and canned it for the winter from the grapes that they grew. Annie sewed all of the clothes for her family.

Jiri and Annie had Jan “John” Mazac (also Macek) baptized in 1865 in Sobotiste, Seneca, Slovakia; Pavel “Paul” Mazac also spelled Pawel Macek, also baptized in Sobotiste, Seneca, Slovakia in 1869.

My Paternal Great Grandfather…

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