Pletschette Family Genealogy

Anna-Catherina Pletschette

Birth:  Feb. 6, 1801
Diekirch, Luxembourg

Death:  Mar. 17, 1855
Diekirch, Luxembourg

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Her Father was Jean-Pierre Pletschette (aka Pletschet) and Anna Maria (Asselborn) Pletschette from Nengsen, Neunhausen, Canton of Wiltz, Luxembourg.

Image result for Neuhausen, Arsdorf, Canton of Wiltz, LuxembourgInsenborn, Diekirch, Luxembourg

Married: Josef Palen Sr. on 4 April 1820 in Bachlieden, Diekirch, Luxembourg.
Children: Maria, Dominque (Dominick), Marie-Josephine, Joseph Jr., Nicholas Gregorie, Marie-Francois Christine, Pierre-Joseph, Anne-Marie Francois, Marie-Josephine, LeopoldFrank, Marguerite, Julien, and Christine Palen.
Anne & Joseph Palen had fifteen (15) children, five (5) of whom died in infancy, among them twins.

The old Palen homeplace is about 100 feet across the street from the Saint Servatius Catholic Church Cemetery.

This is the Palen Homestead that was bombed in WWII (with the X), but was restored. The woman in the foreground is the Grand Duchess Charlotte. This is directly across the road from St. Servetus Catholic Church in Harlange. source: Stephen Roy…

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