My Maternal Tenth Great German Grandfather -Johannes Linderman, Jr.

Linderman Family Genealogy

Related imageName: also spelled Johannes Lindemann, Jr. 

Sex: Male
Christening: 1547
Auerbach, Saxony, Germany
Religion: Evangelical Lutheran
Image resultMap of Auerbach Germany
Auerbach was first documented in 1282 in connection with Conrad de Urbach mentioned.This left the castle Auerbach build. The rest of it is the castle tower. The medieval city with grid-plan was in the 14th Century as scheduled by the governors of Plauen created. The citizens were invested in 1436 by the Castellan brewing beer. It developed the tin and iron ore mining. 1503 Auerbach received a mining office in 1543 and mining town. Since there were now pitch unions and pitch huts, Auerbach was in the 17th Century known as the “unlucky city.” The current spelling of place names set to 1578 final through previous forms were:. Urbach, Uwerbach, Awerboch and Awherbach 
The district Schnarrtanne was 1582 by witch hunts affected. Anna, widow of Wolf Spitzner, and her daughter were caught in a witch trial . 
National fame attained the place by…

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