Susannah Burch Watson – Virginia

Cooke Family Genealogy

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Susannah Burch Watson

Daughter of James Charles Watson and Mary Jane Greene.

Wife of Major Robert Fielding Cooke.

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Birth: Apr. 18, 1760
Culpeper County
Virginia, USA

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Death: May 12, 1823
White County
Tennessee, USA

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Family links:
James Charles Watson (1726 – 1795)
Mary Jane Greene Watson (1729 – ????)

Robert Fielding Cooke (1752 – 1841)

The county is named after The Virgin Mary. It was the “first county named in a colony intended to be a haven for Catholics.”

The settlement of Lord Baltimore’s Maryland began with the arrival of passengers from England at St. Clement’s Island, on the Potomac River in what is now southwestern St. Mary’s County, on March 25, 1634 (celebrated annually ). The passengers arrived in two vessels, the Ark and the Dove, which had set sail from the Isle of Wight on November 22, 1633. The county is also home to the…

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