Wright Flowers, Sr. and Milbrey (Pate) Flowers of Baldwin County, Alabama

Wilson and Flowers Families

Wright & Milbry Flowers

Wright Flowers, Sr.

Birth: Aug. 20, 1834

Baldwin County, Alabama

Death: Nov. 14, 1907

Baldwin County, Alabama
Family links:
Milberry “Milbry” Mildred Pate Flowers (1841 – 1900’s)


Eli “E. F.” Flowers (1858-1916)

Lula (Mothershed) ( 1859-1930)

Lucretia Flowers (1860-____)

Orville Flowers (1860-____)

Wright R Flowers Jr. (1863 – 1937)

Gilpin Flowers (1865-____)

Leona Flowers (1867-____)

Scrapy Flowers (1869-____)

Susie (Wilson) (1870-1956)

Sterling Flowers (1877-1957)

Milbrey (Mitchell) (1883-1947)

High Pine Cemetery
Baldwin County
Alabama, USA

Created by: Patricia Dunbar
Record added: May 09, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 36891042

Name:Wright Flowers

Event Type:Census
Event Year:1860
Event Place:The Eastern Division, Pike, Alabama, United States
Birth Year (Estimated):1838
Affiliate Name:The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Affiliate Publication Number:M653
Wright FlowersM22Alabama
Milbry FlowersF19Georgia
Eli FlowersM2Alabama
Lucretia FlowersF0Alabama

Name:Wright Flowers
Event Type:Military Service
Military Beginning Rank:Private
Military Final Rank:Private
Military Side:Confederate
State or Military…

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